Welcome from “Juice” and The HomeTeam. Juice;  just a unique individual creating empowerment, was created on December 20, 2012, when the Founder and Creative Director, Jerome Williams graduated from Clemson University. Being the creative individual that he is, the idea of working a traditional “9-5” making the big money for someone else in corporate America perplexed him. This frustration of possibly working a corporate job pushed Juice into existence, creating a business out of his passion for art. What started out as a young entrepreneur’s small sketching dreams has quickly turned into a lifestyle. Juice the brand, hopes to reach and inspire fellow artist to follow their dreams. 

Juice is more than a clothing brand and eye catching artwork, we pride ourselves on being yourself, everyone else is already taken! We think outside the box to inspire our peers to take responsibility, control, and not let perception define who they are in life. We are sincerely humbled by the amount of support you all have shown the Juice family since the day of its creation. Feel free to contact any member of The HomeTeam for any inquiries.

Stay Thirsty, Quench Your Thirst - Juice Harris